Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Moving On . . .

The day has come which I never wanted it to happen,

And left with no other options . . 

Now, Its time to move completely away from you,

I'm Walking Away from your life . . 

Moving far away from this place,

Yet, you will always be remembered . . TAKE CARE Babie

Monday, September 24, 2012

Lonely Thinker..

How else can I express my love for you,
Though I have words..

Sitting alone and thinking to myself
Isn't this easy to come out of it?

Now I'm in a situation were I can't even express it,
Just because of you
And, you know the reason why . . .

Friday, January 13, 2012

Kolaveri Equities Remix

Neengal keel kannum annaithum karpanaikeh..
Yar manathaiyum thunpuruthuvarkku alla... apadiyeh neengal feel seithal
We are basically, mentally Psychologically sorry... Atharkku nangal porrupalleh..., alleh..., alleh..., alleh..., (Echo)

Yo Guys.,
We sing a song... Equity song...
Error Song... All Product song....
Why this kolaveri kolaveri kolaveri de.,  Why this kolaveri kolaveri kolaveri de., 
White-u skinu clientu clientu
Clientu heartu Blacku
Issue u Issue u meet u meet u
My appraisal darku ....
Why this kolaveri kolaveri kolaveri da., 

Dialogue1: â   mama.. notes eduthuko.. apadiye kaila  elam applications eduthukoâ
Pe pe pe pe
Pe pe pe pe
Sariya 3 grade sollu
Ve ve ve ve ve ve ve ve

Dialogue2:he he he he.. Super maama super maama.. ready? 1. 2uu.. 3eee 4
Pe pe pe pe
Pe pe pe pe
Ve ve ve ve ve ve ve

Dialogue3:â Ok. Maama.. now  procedure change.. uh?â
Kaila Mouse u   (  illa illa only  process huh ..)
Hand-la  Sonnie, Sonnie la code u
Code u fulla error uu
Project lifeu  Go-live  comeu
Night full ah extendingu
Bimsu Bimsu. Oh my Bimsu
U gave me 
Error logu... tracker  tracker..  Holy tracker
much time to save u tracker. 
God I am dying now u
Requestor is happy howu
This song is for  Equities guysu
We don't have Timeu

Why this kolaveri kolaveri kolaveri  clientu ?
Why this kolaveri kolaveri kolaveri..da?
:) :) : Equities  Rokzzzzzzzz......