Saturday, April 16, 2011

Love Letter or Hatred letter ! Find it ?

Punctuation plays a very important role in once life, may be in written or oral. below is a letter with the punctuations it can be read as a love letter or hatred letter.

Punctuation marks are . , ? ! : ; " ' etc..

Just imagine, how a person ll be speaking without an pause, just like our few famous persons, notice them while giving interviews.

In English Punctuation marks plays a very important role. Even the meaning can be changed by the punctuation marks.

For Instance-  "Woman without her man is nothing"
This can be written in two different sentences, with an entirely different in meaning with one another.
1. "Woman, without her man, is nothing".
2."Woman: without her, man is nothing".
Here the first sentences describes that "man is very important in woman life", whereas the second sentence describes that "man is nothing, if woman is not there".

Here there is an another example, to tel how important to put punctuation marks while writting.Below there is a letter for practice. put only ( . , ? ) should be used. this letter can be read as a "LOVE LETTER" or "HATRED LETTER" by the punctuation marks in different place.

Here comes the letter,

Dear John

I want a man who knows what love is all about you are kind thoughtful and generous people who are not like you admit being inferior and useless for other men I yearn for you I have no feelings whats so ever when we are apart I can be forever happy will you let me be yours Gloria

If you couldn't able to find the answers. Let me know, will help with it. 

Have a great day pals :-)