Saturday, August 14, 2010

6 things that boys notice in girls

Love at first sight?
Well, not quite  but what guys first notice about you and how they may or may not determine whether he asks you out.

1.How thick your hair is:

It seems strange, but it all relates to evolution. Luscious locks signal that a woman is healthy.

2.Your smile:

Most men are good at detecting whether or not your smile is genuine. Radiate good vibes that signal you're relaxed and want to have fun.

3.The size of your crew:

If the group is too large, he will be afraid to approach you and single you and out. If you're just with one other friend, he may not want to intrude on "girls' night out". The perfect size is three.

4.Your hip-to-waist ratio:

Sometimes evolution works in our favour, other times it does not. If your waist is noticeably smaller than your hips, it signifies fertility, just one more thing men are attracted to.

5.Your glowing complexion:

Radiant skin often goes hand-in-hand with good mental health. Stress and anxiety usually cause dull skin, so take full advantage of those special lotions and bronzers.

6.Youe eyes:

No, it is not the butt or chest, but the eyes that men focus on more than any other body part. Add some dramatic eye make-up to draw more attention to them.

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