Monday, August 26, 2013

Hum Hai Hindustani

Hum Hai Hindustani - Hum Hai Hindustani

Though we are divided into 29 different States

Where one’s own language is not understood by the other,

Since we have 1,618 Languages

But still we live together as Bhai – Bhai

Kyun Ki Hum hai Hindustani, Hum hai Hindustani. . . . .

With 1.27 billion population and 6,400 different castes

But with a unique traditions & cultures that we are still following,

And valuing them & living next- next door as Bhai – Bhai,

Kyun Ki Hum hai Hindustani, Hum hai Hindustani. . . . .

Though we fight among ourselves for few reasons;

We stand as ‘Unity in Diversity’, and never took backwards a step

When our enemies attack,

Because it’s our country & we will fight for it

Kyun KiHum hai Hindustani, Hum hai Hindustani. . . . .


Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Moving On . . .

The day has come which I never wanted it to happen,

And left with no other options . . 

Now, Its time to move completely away from you,

I'm Walking Away from your life . . 

Moving far away from this place,

Yet, you will always be remembered . . TAKE CARE Babie

Monday, September 24, 2012

Lonely Thinker..

How else can I express my love for you,
Though I have words..

Sitting alone and thinking to myself
Isn't this easy to come out of it?

Now I'm in a situation were I can't even express it,
Just because of you
And, you know the reason why . . .